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  Article & EssaySex: Jet Fuel for Jihad

Sexual rage and self-loathing in the Middle East drives hate and violence to America.
By Lowell Feld

The 9/11 terrorist attacks drove millions of Americans -- not to mention multitudes of pundits -- to agonized hand wringing over the question, Why do they hate us so much? A torrent of answers and factors poured forth: U.S. support for Israel; the American military presence in Saudi Arabia; our support for authoritarian Arab regimes; a backlash against globalization and the U.S. cultural threat; the rise of violent Islamic fundamentalism, jealousy at U.S. power, success, and freedom; Arab and Muslim frustration at their own relative powerlessness (and lack of freedom) compared to the sole superpower; and on and on. In other words, they hate us for many reasons. One overriding reason, however, has essentially been ignored, although in many ways it ties together all the others. That missing link is sexual rage -- the underlying force that drove the 9/11 hijackers and which continues to drive the vicious war being waged against us.

What did Americas attackers have in common? They were all men, they were all young (in their 20s and 30s), and they were mainly unmarried. They were all Arabs, and they were all Muslims. Notably, they all came from two countries -- Egypt and Saudi Arabia. These facts are not merely coincidental. Instead, they show a clear pattern. Moreover, they provide us with strong, if indirect, clues to a major source of the 9/11 attacks on America. Ultimately, it is clear that the rage which drove the 9/11 hijackers originated in the misogyny, homophobia, repression, abuse, and the resulting self-loathing prevalent in the societies of their home countries, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Like most powerful forces, sex and sexuality can be great: pleasurable, beautiful, a true connection and sacred bond between two people, and the means of perpetuating the human race. Or, sex and sexuality can be a tremendous source of frustration and hostility when it is: painful, coercive, and a force for dividing people (i.e., misogyny, homophobia). An example of human sexuality turned ugly, distorted, warped and repressed is found in Mohammed Attas Last Will and Testament: I don't want any women to go to my grave at all during my funeral or on any occasion thereafter.

Regrettably, Muhammed Attas sentiments are neither unique nor hard to trace. On the contrary, Atta comes from a world in which women are deprived of nearly all rights, power, and freedom; where a warped form of hypermasculinity rules; where clitorectomy is commonly and barbarically practiced; where the word female is essentially synonymous with weakness and shame; where sex is forbidden outside of marriage; where sexual pleasure is viewed as an evil temptation of the devil; and where self-loathing at ones sexual desires is the norm. It is these conditions that create the breeding ground in which Palestinian suicide bombers and 9/11 hijackers multiply and spread their poison like Black Plague-carrying rats.

Unfortunately, significant segments of todays Islamic world appear to be moving in the wrong direction, away from modernity and instead towards an intolerant, xenophobic, fundamentalist, even violent vision of Islam. This subculture glorifies martyrdom and eternal paradise in heaven over the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness here and now on Earth. Frighteningly, the gap between the modern worldview largely embraced by the West and this form of Islamic fundamentalism appears to be growing wider by the day. And it is this widening gap between modernism and fundamentalism, fueled by sexual rage, which fans the flames of jihad.

An Extreme Case of Cognitive Dissonance

Many young Arabs and Muslims today are faced with an extreme case of cognitive dissonance, the nearly impossible psychological task of reconciling their vision of how the world should be with how the world actually is. For instance, while they watch scantily clad women frolicking on TV, they cant have an active sex life in their own home countries. This, combined with the lack of other non-religious outlets (like jobs or political expression), leads to extreme frustration, jealousy, and anger, which their countries authoritarian regimes cynically channel away from themselves and towards the West and Israel.

Mix a media-warped view of a wildly promiscuous, immoral, and anti-Muslim western world on the one hand with the extreme frustration and repression (sexual and political) that many Arabs and Muslims experience at home on the other, and what youve got is a surefire recipe for trouble. According to Benjamin Barber in Jihad vs. McWorld, the Iranian Ministry of Culture has asserted that all American television programs "are part of an extensive plot to wipe out our religious and sacred values," and for this reason feel they must kill Americans. In other words, instead of resolving their cognitive dissonance by attempting to change their own cultures, a number of Arabs and Muslims apparently would prefer to destroy the West -- as exemplified by the United States and Israel -- and the disturbing values it perpetuates.

A Conversation with a Young Arab Male and Terrorist Candidate

In Jerusalem several years ago, my girlfriend and I were watching several Orthodox Jews pray at the Western Wall. A young Palestinian man from the Gaza Strip came up to us and launched into a series of agitated questions (directed at me, by the way, not at my girlfriend). As we walked away, the Palestinian tagging along, my girlfriend and I both felt a vague sense of menace. Finally, after about 15 minutes, the Palestinian stopped, turned to me, and in a hushed, conspiratorial tone, out of earshot of my girlfriend, asked, Are you married? No, I answered. Are you having sex? Yes. Then you going to HELL, he said, practically frothing at the mouth with a combination of what appeared to be anger, frustration, jealousy, and pent-up sexual titillation and rage.

In this case, rage did not lead to violence. But it is exactly this pent-up sexual energy, exacerbated by other root causes, and channeled by an organized terror group (such as al-Qaeda), that can result in 19 young Arab men hijacking four American passenger planes and slamming them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania -- half a world away from their home countries of Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia: The Dehumanization of Women

One of those home countries, Saudi Arabia, is not a particularly happy or healthy place these days -- economically, politically, or socially. Over the past two decades, the Saudi population has boomed while inflation-adjusted oil income has declined sharply. As a result, real per capita income for most Saudis has plummeted, while the countrys absolute monarchy severely constrains and represses any and all expressions of dissent or unhappiness by its citizens.

Meanwhile, the Saudi human rights situation is abysmal, especially for women. According to Amnesty International, Saudi womens civil and political rights are systematically violated. For instance, Saudi women walking unaccompanied, or in the company of a man who is neither their husband nor a close relative, are at risk of arrest on suspicion of prostitution or other moral offences. Saudi women are not allowed to drive or travel abroad without a males permission, must abide by a strict dress code, and are denied many educational and vocational opportunities. Amnesty International concludes that the abuse of women's rights in Saudi Arabia is not simply the unfortunate consequence of overzealous security forces and religious police[but] the inevitable result of a state policy which gives women fewer rights than menand which allows mento exercise their power without any fear of being held to account for their actions.

Egypt: And You Thought Saudi Arabia Was Bad?

In Egypt, we see many of the same economic and political problems of Saudi Arabia. A high birth rate, declining oil revenues, and an authoritarian government which grants its citizens few of the freedoms -- speech, religion, assembly -- we take for granted here in the West.

Also in Egypt, we see a wide scale disconnect between males and females, between masculinity and femininity. Sex is generally considered dirty, bad, sinful, and shameful. Sexual, physical, and emotional abuses of women and children are rampant. For instance, at least 80% of Egyptian women have been forcibly clitorectomized. This is not a pleasant procedure, to put it mildly. As described by Hanny Lightfoot-Klein in her book, Prisoners of Ritual: An Odyssey Into Female Genital Circumcision in Africa when [the girl] is five or so the women grab her, pin her down, and chop off her clitoris and often her labia with a razor blade or piece of glass, ignoring her agony and screams for help, because, they say, her clitoris is "dirty," "ugly," "poisonous," "can cause a voracious appetite for promiscuous sex," and "might render men impotent."

Assuming an Egyptian girl survives her crude clitorectomy, she is likely to be traumatized for life. And heres a scary thought: this scarred, terrorized, and dehumanized girl eventually will grow up to bear and raise the next generation of angry young men and potential suicide bombers. The vicious cycle continues

Not Pretty for Boys Either

If the situation for girls and women in Saudi Arabia and Egypt is terrible, its not exactly paradise for boys and men either. For starters, Saudi and Egyptian boys spend their formative years witnessing the degradation and repression of their mothers (is there ever a Happy Mothers Day in Egypt and Saudi Arabia?). We can only guess at the damage this does to these boys psyches. And when they reach adolescence and young adulthood, the situation doesnt get much better, as the (now) young men confront a world of unemployment, political repression, and a dearth of legal outlets for their hyperactive hormones.

Meanwhile, Arab boys and men are held to strict, if hypocritical, standards of hyper-masculinity and sexuality. Intriguingly, Mohammed Attas father, in an interview after 9/11, scoffed at the notion that his girlish son could have carried out the attacks and railed against the moral depravity of the United States, especially homosexual marriages. This obsession and disgust with male effeminacy and homosexuality is intriguing, given the repression of heterosexual outlets for young Arab men.

Interestingly, despite legal, religious, and social prohibitions against it, male homosexual activity exists in the Arab world, as it does everywhere else. However, in the Arab world, homosexuality remains shrouded in secrecy and taboo. Various scholars, such as Everett Rowson and Bruce Dunne (see his 1998 article, Power and Sexuality in the Middle East), have concluded that homosexuality -- like all other sexuality -- in the Arab world is focused heavily on the issues of male power and dominance. According to Rowson, the sexual ethos of male dominance and what he calls the centrality of penetration is "broadly representative of Middle Eastern societies from the 9th century to the present."

Rowson also cites the radical disjunction of active and passive roles in male homosexuality." Along these lines, an unwritten rule in the Arab world is that homosexual sex is generally all right as long as one is the sexually active partner (i.e., the penetrator). And it is a commonly held view that only the man who is penetrated is considered to be truly "gay," since he has assumed the submissive, female, weak role. Thus, sexual dominance and power go together in the Arab world, with the man expected to be more powerful than the woman and always in the active, dominant, penetrating role. To do otherwise would jeopardize his status as a real man, which would be shameful.

Disgrace, Humiliation, and Hatred

In this context, the feelings of hatred by Arabs -- young men in particular -- towards the West should not be surprising. Especially since the end of World War I, the story of the Arab Middle East essentially has been one of unrelenting Western political dominance, Western cultural penetration, and Western military power over the relatively powerless, passive, dominated, and humiliated Arab world. This is bad enough when its the powerful and numerous (albeit corrupt, decadent, pleasure-loving, and effeminate) Christian West, but when the Arabs are defeated time and again by a handful of weak, pathetic, inferior Jews, this is utterly intolerable and a complete disgrace that cannot be tolerated.

While they seethe with feelings of disgrace, humiliation, sexual frustration, repression, misogyny, and homophobia, the vast majority of Arabs today have essentially no means for legitimate political expression or opposition to their corrupt, authoritarian regimes at home. What are their options? For one, they can spend a lot of time at the mosque with other poor, frustrated young men. And they can turn their anger and humiliation outwards, towards Israel and the West, which props up the systems and regimes they hate so much, but can do nothing about. As Tom Friedman of the New York Times points out in a recent column, the Arab world is only getting younger, poorer, more Islamic and more anti-American -- as [they] react against what they consider [to be] corrupt, irreligious, pro-American regime(s). As one fundamentalist Muslim explained it to MSNBC, "We will destroy American cities piece by piece because your life style is so objectionable to us, your pornographic movies and TV."

We Can and Must Win a Two-Front War

Fortunately, committing a terrorist attack like 9/11 requires more than rage, more than self-loathing turned outwards, and more than angry statements to MSNBC. It also requires the means to act on it: a mastermind organization (like al-Qaeda) to recruit, indoctrinate, and train potential terrorists -- and to provide them with necessary tools, logistical and financial support. These are things the West can combat more or less effectively. The greater challenge will be combating the culture of sexual and political repression, frustration, hatred of the West, and the cult of martyrdom in segments of the Arab and Muslim worlds. What weve got here, then, is a terrorist war on two fronts -- the campaign against groups like al-Qaeda, but just as importantly (if not more so), the campaign for democracy and human rights in the Arab and Muslim worlds. We must win this war on both fronts. If we do not, we will remain in mortal danger of more and worse 9/11s to come.

Lowell Feld is a free-lance writer living in Arlington, Virginia. Lowell is also a contributing editor of Intervention Magazine.


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